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“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice”



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The importance of the First Steps Training System.

At first steps the respect of the horse is ALWAYS paramount in our training processes. At every stage of out training system, we diagnose both physically and mentally how the horse or foal is up taking the information we are giving them.

Who does the training?

Whilst Jason and Leanne come from different backgrounds, the training at First Steps is complementary of their individual skills and combine together to produce a finished product.

How often is a horse in training fed and what does it consist of?

All horses during the training period are fed 2 hard feeds and 2 slow feeder hay nets per day. A standard feed consists of oaten and lucerne chaff, Southern Cross pallet, salt, micro beet if needed. All feeds are designed around the size and individual needs of each horse. Owners are charged for only their horse consumes. This is charged as an extra to the standard training fee.

Which equipment will be used with your horse during the training?

At no stage during the First Steps training process are artificial aids used to get changes in your horse. Only well designed, fitted and manufactured equipment is used. The equipment used to aid us in our training is a cavesson, FM snaffle bit, flag, riding or lunging whip. Depending on the stage of training an appropriate saddle will be used.

What training will take place?

At all times the First Steps training system will be followed relevant to your horse’s education. Please Refer to our training system on our website, www.firststepstopiaffe.com.au/ourtraining

How many sessions per week?

Each horse in training with First Steps will receive 5 sessions per week.

How many weeks of training min-max?

We recommend a min of 4 weeks which enables us to develop new training and postural patterns and confidence in the horse. There is no max time frame, this is based on goals and budget.

How long is each session?

During Each session we will decide where your horse needs to be rewarded, consolidated or educated this can vary between 20-40 mins.

What is the cost of your horse in training with First Steps?

Training cost for your horse is based around individual needs. Cost are on an ascending scale from $550 per week for 4 weeks and beyond, $600 for 3 weeks, $650 for 2 weeks.


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